Shut Out The Dust


It’s a pretty universally known fact that wooden shutters and wooden blinds are the perfect window dressings when it comes to keeping dust to a minimum within the home; using wood to maintain your privacy and shut out the light helps to cut down on the accumulation dust much more than fabric furnishings like curtains, and it is also much easier to remove dust from wooden window dressings than it is to get it out from fabric. If the shutters happen to be made from top quality basswood and also look unbelievably stylish, like our wooden shutters, then so much the better!

The health effects of dust come in many shapes and sizes, from mild irritation of the eyes and sneezing to asthma attacks and even lung cancer. With this in mind, it’s essential that we all take precautions against these risks – fortunately, Shutters Direct is here to provide you with some top tips for a dustless decor:

1. Where possible, remove carpeting

Carpets are a breeding ground for dust to gather and remain. Aside from requiring regular vacuuming sessions and long shampooing jobs, they also wear thin and begin to lose their colour, eventually. Vinyl flooring is a much more practical and long-term solution – it is easier to clean and remove dust from and promises many more years of satisfaction. Wooden floorboards will add a rustic yet stylish touch to your home, and if you can complement them with matching shutters in the same colour, then that’s an added bonus!

2. Invest in an air purifier

The name says it all. Air purifiers will help to keep the air in your home clean, and remove many of the impurities, including a real reduction of dust.

3. Use microfibre cloths and dusters

Microfibre materials attract and retain dust using an electronic charge, making them the best choice of material for anyone who is looking for some serious dust-busting products. Machine-washable dusters rather than disposables are also long-term investments, as well as being better for the environment.

4. Regularly change your bedding

Aside from accumulating dead skin, your bed sheets also shed their own fibres, circulating more and more dust each time you turn over. Regularly changing your duvet cover, pillow cases and sheets will help to reduce this problem, massively.

5. Vacuum twice each week

Even without carpets, it is still essential that you vacuum your floors often. If you could stretch to a vacuum cleaner that incorporates a HEPA filter, this will help to suck in as much dust and dirt as possible.

The Pleasure of Craftsmanship

We are a company that prides itself on the quality of the goods it produces. One word that we like to use, and are sad to see the decline of, is craftsmanship. We love that the goods we send out to people are amongst the best that can be bought. And, though it may not be the smartest business sense, we love it when others do the same.

There are a few folk out there slaving away to keep craftsmanship and man made goods alive. Men and women toiling in workshops with nothing more than love for what they do keeping them going. Days might pass while they are hunched over their work bench, hammer and chisel in hand, building perfection.

As much pleasure as we take in creating these wonderful products, we also enjoy in watching others create them. There is a real, deep seated, joy in watching a person excel in their life’s love. Whether it be sports, art, or creating things.

Here at Shutters Direct we have a soft spot for wood. Not only is it the material that our shutters are made from, but it is simply a lovely material to work with. There is a softness and warmth in wood, and a pliability that allows it to be turned into incredible objects.

A lovely coincidence is that videos about woodwork are usually wonderfully shot and accompanied with soothing music. Below is a few of our favourites that we fall back on when we are seeking inspiration. So sit back and unwind for five minutes as you watch people building perfection.



How to measure and fit shutters

Shutters are arguably the ultimate window dressing. Stylish, strong and easy to maintain, they’re the perfect choice for those who want to spend a little more and invest in a high quality product that will add real value to their home.

Often, the thought of DIY puts people off undertaking new projects at home. However, when it comes to shutters from Shutters Direct, there’s no need to worry. Measuring fo and fitting your shutters is much simpler than you first imagined – especially with the help of our handy video guides. Be sure to take a look by clicking here and here, where you’ll discover fantastic, informative videos taking you through every step. We also offer a complimentary printable measuring guide, which you can find by clicking this link.

Do you have any other questions about measuring and fitting your shutters? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by filling in an enquiry form, or alternatively visit our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Shabby chic shutters


It goes without saying that we’re big fans of shutters. One of the most durable, versatile and sophisticated window treatments on the market, shutters are the perfect choice for those who wish to make a stylish, long term investment. Here at Shutters Direct, we create made to measure shutters in a variety of styles of finishes, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your windows. But what should you do with your old shutters?

While we love brand new, bespoke shutters, we have a bit of a soft spot for worn out ones. That’s why we love seeing people getting creative and repurposing shutters, rather than simply throwing them away.

These upcycled shutters all have a fabulous, shabby chic feel. Which is your favourite? Continue reading

The history of shutters

It’s probably not a topic you’ve come across before, but – believe it or not – window shutters do have a great story to tell. They came about (officially) over 500 years ago, and since then they have evolved massively and are still commonly used in households. We’ve decided to go back in time to re-tell the tale of how it all began, brace yourselves… this is exciting stuff.

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Seasonal shutters

Shutters Living Room Autumn

The team at Shutters Direct are welcoming autumn with open arms. After all, what’s not to love about a season that boasts fancy dress, crunchy leaves and bonfires? We also know that as the temperature drops and the nights draw in, shutters are the perfect window dressing no matter your preferences – whether you want to make your home light and bright or dark and cosy this autumn, shutters are the ideal solution.

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Why choose shutters?

Bay Window Bedroom Shutters

It’s inevitable that shutters are back, and are giving other competitors a run for their money.  Not only are they easy to preserve, they are also economical and have an effortlessly timeless feel, instantly adding personality to any room. They’re stylish and sophisticated, charming and chic, and best of all, they won’t blow the budget. What more could you possibly ask for?

We’ve gathered together some beautiful examples of interior designs that utilise shutters, demonstrating exactly why you should choose them. Which do you prefer? Continue reading

Shutters complete your room

Shutters are making a comeback, and it’s not difficult to see why. Durable, economical and easy to maintain, shutters are easily one of the best options for the modern window dressing. They’re also super stylish, and can completely transform a generic, bland room into a charming and chic place.

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite examples of shutters completing the room. Which is your favourite? Continue reading