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Shutters Living Room Autumn

The team at Shutters Direct are welcoming autumn with open arms. After all, what’s not to love about a season that boasts fancy dress, crunchy leaves and bonfires? We also know that as the temperature drops and the nights draw in, shutters are the perfect window dressing no matter your preferences – whether you want to make your home light and bright or dark and cosy this autumn, shutters are the ideal solution.

We’ve tracked down some stylish examples of seasonal shutters. Which set is most appropriate for your home?

1. Go Oriental for Autumn

Asian Living Room Shutters

We love the dark shutters in this Asian-style living room. Juxtaposing the neutral decorations, the shutters create a feature wall as well as regulating light effectively. If you like the idea of super dark shutters to bring style and contrast to a room, why not try our Premium Black Wood shutters?

2. Timeless Tradition

Wooden Plantation Shutters Dining Room

If you want to complement a classic decor scheme through your home, go for traditional wooden shutters. This living room is filled with elegant pieces of furniture and ornaments, and the dark wood shutters finish it off perfectly They also help to retain heat, so you can guarantee lots of warm, relaxed dinner parties through the autumn!

3. Brighten Up

Modern White Living Room Shutters

Though autumn is a season filled with red and brown hues, your home needn’t be dark and dramatic. Keep things light by opting for white shutters, which look fantastic in this pale, country-style living room. We recommend our Premium Cotton Wooden shutters, or if that’s a little too white, why not try Ultimate Light Oak?

Shutters are a great window dressing option if you’re looking for style and sophistication, as well as high quality and longevity. They’re excellent at regulating both light and air within the home, and are extremely simple to install and use. What’s more, our range includes both Premium and Ultimate wood, so there are options to suit every budget.

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