Why choose shutters?

Bay Window Bedroom Shutters

It’s inevitable that shutters are back, and are giving other competitors a run for their money.  Not only are they easy to preserve, they are also economical and have an effortlessly timeless feel, instantly adding personality to any room. They’re stylish and sophisticated, charming and chic, and best of all, they won’t blow the budget. What more could you possibly ask for?

We’ve gathered together some beautiful examples of interior designs that utilise shutters, demonstrating exactly why you should choose them. Which do you prefer?

 1)      Simplistic bathroom with a modern twist


So what caught your eye first? Exactly. What could have been a bland bathroom is now one of which is incredibly on trend. These simple shutters alone have added a splash of contrasting colour, along with a classic yet exotic feel to the whole room. Best of all, they will undoubtedly remain immaculate without needing constant care. Perfect, right?

2)      A classically crisp, white bedroom


Although these aren’t as eye catching as the above, they most definitely add the finishing touch to this chic bedroom. Paired with classical cream curtains, this neutral colour scheme is perfect all year round.  They also provide a good level of privacy and security and are ideal for every room regardless of the colour scheme or design. Easy to achieve and oozing with elegance, this display is definitely a favourite ours.

3)  An earthy sun-soaked orangery


Everyone loves to appreciate the outdoors, but the British weather often prevents us from doing so, leaving us subjected to remaining indoors. But have no fear – here’s where these wonderful shutters come in. Allowing plenty of sunlight to seep through, these shutters are great for turning a dark room into a bright and breezy one. The decoration of this room takes things to another level, providing it with an incredibly natural, outdoorsy feel.

4)  Miniature meets super-trendy


If you’re wanting to convert a room of a smaller size into something much more exclusive, incorporating tall shutters into a simple colour scheme, will transform the image of a once un-used room, instantly. A tall shutter, as all shutters, enables plentiful amounts of sunlight to enter the room, which, alongside bright colours (as shown above) could allow the room to appear much more spacious. A fantastic investment, these shutters are of course durable, easy to maintain and if kept simple, effortlessly glamourous.

Which was your favourite? (Don’t worry, you’re allowed more than one!)  Be sure to visit our website and view our fantastic products, and why not drop us a tweet or pop by our Facebook page?

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