The Pleasure of Craftsmanship

We are a company that prides itself on the quality of the goods it produces. One word that we like to use, and are sad to see the decline of, is craftsmanship. We love that the goods we send out to people are amongst the best that can be bought. And, though it may not be the smartest business sense, we love it when others do the same.

There are a few folk out there slaving away to keep craftsmanship and man made goods alive. Men and women toiling in workshops with nothing more than love for what they do keeping them going. Days might pass while they are hunched over their work bench, hammer and chisel in hand, building perfection.

As much pleasure as we take in creating these wonderful products, we also enjoy in watching others create them. There is a real, deep seated, joy in watching a person excel in their life’s love. Whether it be sports, art, or creating things.

Here at Shutters Direct we have a soft spot for wood. Not only is it the material that our shutters are made from, but it is simply a lovely material to work with. There is a softness and warmth in wood, and a pliability that allows it to be turned into incredible objects.

A lovely coincidence is that videos about woodwork are usually wonderfully shot and accompanied with soothing music. Below is a few of our favourites that we fall back on when we are seeking inspiration. So sit back and unwind for five minutes as you watch people building perfection.