The history of shutters

It’s probably not a topic you’ve come across before, but – believe it or not – window shutters do have a great story to tell. They came about (officially) over 500 years ago, and since then they have evolved massively and are still commonly used in households. We’ve decided to go back in time to re-tell the tale of how it all began, brace yourselves… this is exciting stuff.

Shutters are born

Shutters were born during Henry VIII’s and Elizabeth I’s reigns over Tudor England, in the mid to late 16th century. During this period of time, glass was a luxury and unaffordable for many. It was very common for households to use shutters as an inexpensive way of controlling levels of light, heat and privacy. At this point, shutters were made by combining two panelled leaves together using hinges, and an iron bar would be fastened to hold the shutters closed.

And then they grew…

Quickly, many began to realise the benefits of shutters, which lead to them being used in almost every household. Around this point sliding shutters were born, but the traditional hinged shutters powered ahead, and were still commonly used right up until the 1860s!

Despite the fact that shutters were only fully introduced during the fifteen-hundreds, there are traces of shutters being used before hand, dating right back to 13th century. The earliest example to date is the internal shutters that were used in the Queen’s Chamber at Guilford Castle in 1245. Unfortunately, many haven’t remained intact, but the frames from which they hung have survived.

Shutters today

This year shutters have made a fabulously fashionable comeback! Although they’re commonly used for decorative purposes, they are also a fantastic way of controlling the amount of light entering a room. Crisp white internal shutters can transform a plain space into a super trendy one, while traditional wood pieces will add the finishing touch to a classically decorated room. Durable, easy to maintain and incredibly attractive, shutters are a perfect investment all homes.

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