Oct 13

How to think like an Interior Designer!

Interior planning is one aspect which is detrimental to a room`s functionality, in many cases this can have a positive or negative effect on the usability of a room. If furniture is placed in a symmetrical manner this can enhance functionality and appeal, a belief held by many Interior Designers including; Lawrence Llewlyn Bowen. In a BBC programme known as Design Rules presented by Lawrence Llewlybn Bowen, he investigates the link between human facial symmetry and symmetry in interior design.


BBC Design Rules: Interior Planning

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In a biological sense facial symmetry helps animals to distinguish between something which is alive and something which is dead. Richard Gregory CBE FRS, Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol said; “If you`ve got a symmetrical face it means it`s got a pretty good genetic basis. That there aren’t a lot of imperfections in the genetic coding, so to speak.” There is a distinguishable link between facial symmetry and finding an ideal mate.

“The way in which people respond to facial symmetry is a positive one, like the symmetry in faces this could spread to the enjoyment of symmetry in other things like objects”, explains Dr Ione Fine, University of California, San Diego.

When planning to furnish a bedroom Lawrence advises the following;


1.Think about storage-you need to distinguish between the things which you want and the things which you need.

2.Position of storage furniture- furniture which restricts natural light can darken a room and create a negative impact on you décor.

3.What is your focal point?- In every room you will always have a focal point whether it is a window blind, wall paper, lamp etc. In a bedroom, at sitting level you are immediately drawn to a central position also known as point of interest, so care and attention is needed to bring karma and a special je ne sais quoi to your bedroom décor.

What is the focal point in this bedroom setting?


4.How many functions does your bedroom have?- too many functions can lead to an over-crowded feel, for example, shelving can store books, ornaments and also clothing, storing all three can be quite chaotic.

5.Objects are a testament to life experiences so to relish an experience, your most prized possessions must take centre stage.

6.North facing windows can also be a point of interest, especially symmetrically balanced windows.

7.For a bit of Feng Shui-typically your bed should be in front of the bedroom door so you can see who is entering the room.

8.Feng Shui furniture position- think about the location of your bed, in Feng Shui terms your head should be supported by a wall and your feet should face away from the door.

In a lounge setting…….


1. Establish a focal point- the fire place now competes with the TV. The TV should ideally be placed at a focal point (please see the diagram below.)


2. If a focal point is impossible to find- find balance/ symmetry by placing an object at two opposing corners. To create balance you could place a TV in one corner and then in the other you could place an armchair (of a similar height).

3. Coordination- carefully coordinated objects can add personality and character to a room.

4. What can you see in your eyeline?- think about standing level and sitting level. For example, establish a focal point for each section ( think about the proportions of the human body).

5. How to decorate a fireplace- take scale and proportion into consideration, increase the size of the fireplace by one third “perfection is measured in thirds” a theory used by the Ancient Greeks. To have a fireplace which is proportioned equally, two thirds should cover the complete height of the fireplace. Then one third should be used as a guide to help you design the top half of your fire place. For more information please see BBC Design Rules: Interior Planning (clip above).

Jun 13

Child Safety | Shutters Direct

Child Safety- Claim your free child safety device!

If you have purchased a window covering without a child safety device then we want to hear from you! At Shutters Direct we are giving you the chance to claim a free child safety device for your Wooden, Roller, Roman and Vertical Blinds. This device aims to protect your little ones from the risks of blind cords and chains by keeping them out of reach. All you need to do is click on http://interiorgoodsdirect.com/child-safety/index.php where you will see four different types of child safety device and you can request up to eight child safety devices per device. The purpose of the child safety campaign is to raise awareness about the dangers of unrestrained blind chains and cords, to prevent accidents and create a safer place for children to play and explore. To eliminate strangulation and entanglement please keep blind cords and chains out of the reach of children. CEN

The plantation shutter range is a collection of child-friendly window coverings which are ideal for parents looking for an alternative to the conventional cord/ chain operated window blind. To create a safe haven there are many scenarios which you need to take into consideration around the house. Bounty a well-known parenting club, suggests that in regards to windows, locks and catches should be fitted to prevent children from opening windows.- Bounty

             Stairs – Safety gates on the top and bottom of the stairs.

             Windows – Fit locks and catches to every window within reaching distance to prevent children from opening windows.

             Glass in doors – Need to be covered with a safety film.

             Cupboards – Fit catches to cupboards which contain dangerous or harmful items-keep heavy, poisonous, breakable and sharp objects locked away in a cupboard and out of reach.

 Ursula an Interior Designer at Room to Bloom, takes child safety very seriously “When I am designing a nursery or kid’s room, the child’s age is the most important consideration when incorporating safety measures. For babies, you need to consider cot and changing table safety, both in terms of position and construction, as well as how safe and easy they are to use.”

Ursula recommends the following:

             Choose a cot with a durable, non-toxic finish and do not place it near a window to avoid overheating and drafts.

             Keep cords and cables out of reach to avoid entanglement, strangulation and electrical shock.

             Choose a changing table or top with an up stand or wedge-shaped mat to ensure your baby doesn’t roll off.

             Keep supplies within easy reach on open shelves or in smooth running drawers that you can use with one hand.

Children love to play and explore so as soon as your little ones start to move around, you need to consider the following when designing a room:

             When children can climb out of their cots it’s time to move them into a junior or single bed. Make sure the new bed isn’t too high and fit temporary guard rails if there are concerns about falling out. Bunks or loft beds are not advised for children under six.

             Avoid furniture with sharp corners and secure climbable furniture to walls.

             Lino, vinyl and wood flooring are hygienic and resilient – team this with a non-slip rug or choose carpet to cushion unavoidable tumbles.

             Avoid decorative items with small parts – anything reachable will be subjected to a taste test.

More safety tips for children’s room design can be found at www.room-to-bloom.com/blog  

According to The Official Journal of the European Union bedrooms are the most dangerous place for children where blind cords are concerned. To eliminate the risk you need to consider the following product safety information- OJEU

  • To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep blind cords out of the reach of children.
  •   Move beds, cots and furniture away from window covering cords.
  • Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist and create a loop.



May 13

Child Safety


As a parent your first instinct is to protect your child from harm and at Shutters Direct we understand that child safety is a priority with mums and dads alike. To child-proof a regular blind we have a variety of child safety devices for you to choose from; however at Shutters Direct you do not need a child safety device to make the window covering child-friendly. To protect your child all you need to do is simply purchase a child-friendly plantation shutter and as standard it comes with a cordless tilt rod control fixture, which is completely safe to use.

 At Shutters Direct we have a variety of window coverings which are specifically designed with children in mind. If you are planning to redecorate a child-friendly room then we have a variety of styles for you to choose from.

At Shutters Direct we supply three fantastic shutter styles;

  • Full height is a shutter style which covers the full length of the window for complete privacy. This window covering is ideal for those who appreciate shade on a summer’s day.
  • Café style is designed to cover the bottom half of the window. This design allows natural light to flow through the top half of the window, and the bottom half is covered for privacy reasons.
  • Tier on Tier is a versatile blind as it is an amalgamation of the full height and café style design. The Tier on Tier is divided into four sections; if you are a sun lover then you can open the top half and keep the bottom half closed for privacy. If you want full privacy then you can shut all four sections for maximum coverage.

Protecting your child isn`t just a parental instinct but it is also an innate reaction across a wide variety of species. In the animal kingdom for example, a mother’s protection ends when her offspring becomes totally self-sufficient. Craig Saffoe, a Biologist & Curator of the Great Cats and Bear units at the Smithsonian`s National Zoo said; “I think if you are looking at who makes the best mum, then you’d have to think about who protects their young, who ensures that their young survive till independence.”-Smithsonian.com

At Shutters Direct we have two types of tilt rod, a traditional tilt rod which is positioned in the middle of the shutter which goes on top of the louvers and a hidden tilt rod which goes along the side of the blind, both tilt rods are safe and easy to use. The Premium White Plantation Shutter for example, is a stylish window covering which goes with any colour scheme.


“To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep cords, tapes and chains out of the reach of children.” (At least 1.6m above ground)

“Do not tie cords together, make sure they are fastened to the wall in a secure fashion to prevent children from reaching the blind cord or chain.”

“Make sure beds, cots and furniture are away from the window.”(Cords should not be allowed to hang free.)



-Official Journal of the European Union




Apr 13

Most Popular Product!

Premium Pure White-Wooden Shutter

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 photo 1_zpsaebc766a.jpg


The Premium Pure White Wooden Shutter has a sun sand sea appeal; it is our best-selling window shutter due to its authentic Mediterranean style and functional qualities. The Pure White option is ideal at keeping the heat out due to the reflective properties and it also offers complete privacy when the blinds are closed, a great alternative to curtains. In preparation for the summer months Shutters Direct are offering 50% off this item.

Sure Fit

“You Measure Wrong, we replace for free”

If you receive your shutters and the measurement is wrong then we can replace them free of charge and we also offer FREE delivery!!  Once we receive your new measurements you will not be charged twice, we will simply charge you for the difference in cost between the larger and smaller shutter. Please see http://www.shutters-direct.co.uk/sure_fit for more information.

Feb 13

The perfect night’s sleep

Now that spring is arriving that means lighter nights and even lighter mornings, which is perfect for all of us summer lovers, however not so perfect for those who are lovers of a good night’s sleep.

 photo pavilionchelseablue_zps59053308.jpg

If we have nowhere to be in the morning sometimes all you want to do is enjoy an undisturbed sleep, but now these bright mornings are coming through it can be almost impossible not to be woken up by the morning sunshine.

Curtains, drapes, and blinds are great to stop that sun from poking through, however if you are a fan of the dark, sometimes these will not completely block out the shimmer of the light outdoors.

Therefore there is a great alternative to having those beautifully light mornings for when we have to get up to go to work, and keeping that light outside for when we want to stay in in bed.

Black out blinds are the great alternative to having it all, by installing a set of black out blinds you can have the sleep you have always dreamt of without being woken up by the glistening sun through those thin curtains.

All that glistens

If you enjoy a peaceful night sleep, the last thing you need is the sun reflecting on those beautiful mirrors you have hung all around your bedroom.  The sun bounces off anything which reflects, and that means if you have floor to ceiling mirrors more than likely you will suffer the consequences of reflection.  You can either remove those gorgeous mirrors out of your bedroom, or ultimately opt for a set of black out blinds. By doing this you will eliminate the problem of reflection, enjoy a peaceful night sleep and still keep as many mirrors as you desire.

The perfect design 

The great thing about having black out blinds is that they are available in every colour to suit your design needs. Whether you want to opt for bright pink or coffee and cream these can still block out the light without effecting the look and design of your bedroom. It is also possible to get your blinds to match your other furnishings in your room, such as the cushions, bed covers and throw pillows.

In the past people have expected blinds to be purely functional rather than a design feature for your home; however they couldn’t be more wrong. Blinds have the ability to look stylish and attractive and yet have the functional aspect which is expected.

 photo blackoutnavy_zps60ebc9fe.jpg

So this summer, why not enjoy those light nights by choosing stylish black out blinds to give you that perfect night’s sleep you always wanted. 

Sep 12

Designer Wooden Shutters Online

Shutters Direct offer a full range of custom made wooden shutters, which can be designed to fit virtually any window opening – no matter the size of the window. Wooden window shutters, or wood plantation shutters as they are more correctly known, are an interior designer’s dream. Why? Window shutters can look chic and up-to-date in a modern setting, or can offer a more traditional look to more classically designed room.

Wooden Shutters Functionality

As well as looking good, designer wooden plantation shutters are extremely functional.

In the summer, plantation shutters allow the sunshine in, but are designed to keep the heat out and in the winter, so they reduce heat loss, as well as reducing window draughts. Window shutters make you home more secure, deter burglars and prevent prying eyes from seeing inside your home. Having wooden window shutters (also known as plantation shutters) fitted to your window openings also reduces distracting noises from outside and reduces the level of noise that can be heard outside; so you can turn your stereo up a little bit more without the neighbours complaining!

Cost Effective Shutters

Designer Wooden Shutters are a value-for money investment in your property.

They do away with the need for expensive curtains and curtain rails, which need to be updated the next time that you redecorate the room and washed on a regular basis. Shutters are also a strong visual selling point when you come to sell your property. Potential buyers cannot help but be impressed with the ambiance that natural wood shutters create in a room – not to mention the fact that not having to change or buy curtains and curtain poles will save them a small fortune when they move in!