Shutters complete your room

Shutters are making a comeback, and it’s not difficult to see why. Durable, economical and easy to maintain, shutters are easily one of the best options for the modern window dressing. They’re also super stylish, and can completely transform a generic, bland room into a charming and chic place.

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite examples of shutters completing the room. Which is your favourite?

1. Cute Country Bathroom


Clean white shutters are the perfect addition to a country bathroom. Opening up onto a gorgeous view, they complement the country-style theme without compromising on light. We also love the pretty floral furnishings and ornate candle holders in this bathroom – they help to transform it into a sweet, serene place, ideal for a bubble bath!

2. Cosy Attic Room

This room really displays the versatility of shutters. Designed to fit perfectly on the quirky arched windows, the shutters solve the issue of awkwardly shaped blinds or curtains! Installing them upon lattice windows ensures maximum privacy and security, which is a must-have for rooms with a balcony. We love this project!

3. Continental Conservatory

Everyone wants their conservatory to be light and bright, yet feel warm and cosy at the same time. That’s where shutters come in. Opting for the product in a neutral shade means they blend seamlessly into the decor of the room, allowing sunlight to filter in while keeping out the cold. We really like the cast iron furniture on terracotta flooring, too – very continental!

4. Luxury Lodge Bedroom

Though they can be pricey, tall shutters are ideal for French doors. Again, they’re brilliant in terms of privacy and security, and they allow just the right amount of light and air into the room. They look fantastic in this luxury holiday lodge – so much, in fact, that the owners couldn’t help but install more into the high windows above the doors.

Which shutters would you pick to complete your room? Be sure to visit our site to find the perfect product, then tweet us or pop by our Facebook page to tell us about it!

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