Wooden Or Aluminium Blinds?

It can be a tough choice, one that deserves spending some time thinking over: which window furnishing would suit my home the best? They have a huge effect on the feel of a room. It’s not just the appearance of the furnishing itself, it is also the effect they have on the light, and how that interacts with a room.

To this point, there is a big difference between Wooden and Aluminium Venetian blinds. Wooden Blinds, while cut accurately, somehow feel softer. They have a dampening effect on light as it comes into a room. The shadows don’t seem to have such a harsh edge on them. And the wood that the blinds are made of themselves is a more calming and natural material.

Whereas Aluminium Venetian Blinds are, by nature, a lot more exacting and clinical. They create harsh shadows with perfect edges. They can be used effectively in design, and are well suited to modern, clinical rooms. Another aspect of Aluminium Blinds is, due to the nature and chemical makeup of aluminium blinds, they can hold vibrant colours extremely well. This means they can be tailored to your personal colour scheme with ease, and will last forever.

Wooden and Aluminium Blinds are available from www.wooden-blinds-direct.co.uk

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