Why we love white shutters

Why we love white shutters

We’ve been pinning!

Here at Shutters Direct, we love seeing shutters incorporated into delightful interior design. Pinterest is the perfect place for us to hunt down some of the very best examples of this, and it’s far too easy for us to lose ourselves in the endless reams of inspiring interiors and stunning photography.

Today we’ve been focusing on white shutters, arguably the most versatile, durable and stylish of window dressings. From seaside-inspired spaces to cute, cosy corners, country-style kitchens to beautiful bathrooms, white shutters just work. We’ve dedicated a whole board to the wonders of white shutters, which you can find here. Take a look!

The images we’ve collected are perfect demonstrations of the calibre of white wooden shutters, and while we love each and every one of our pins, we’re particularly fond of these room settings. Here’s why…

Clean, cool, contemporary

White shutter bedroom


White and grey is a timeless pair, and this fact is demonstrated by this beautiful bedroom set-up. White shutters are the perfect window dressing for this room, continuing the fresh, country style.

Neutral nook

White and grey window seat


This window seat arrangement again proves the effect of white and grey as a team. Neat white furniture and décor is complemented by partial shutters, and the designer has kept things cosy by piling the space with plush cushions in shades of grey.

A gloriously girly kitchen

Girly kitchen

This kitchen is the epitome of all things girly, with its pale, pastel palette and vintage feel, not to mention the flowers and pink polka dot accessories! While it may be a little much for the average home-owner, it’s still worth appreciating it’s cuteness and femininity… Along with with its fabulous white shutters, of course.

If you’re keen to get your hands on some shutters of your own, click here to discover our range. If you’re a keen pinner with a penchant for interiors, be sure to follow us. And if your own Pinterest account is jam-packed with gorgeous interior design, do let us know – we’d love to see your own collection of perfect pins!

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