Shutters for spring

shutters for spring

Spring is fast approaching, much to our delight. Though the weather over here is questionable at the moment, we’re feeling positive about the warmer days ahead. We’re even looking forward to a good old spring clean, especially when it involves lots of lovely new furniture for our offices.

If you’re planning a spring cleaning session, we think you should treat yourself too. There’s nothing better than adding the final touch to your newly blitzed home: perhaps some nice new bed sheets, a piece of art for the walls, or even a new window dressing?

Here at Shutters Direct, we think that shutters are the perfect choice for the season. Here’s why…

Springtime shades

All of our shutters are available in a range of neutral shades, which we think are well suited to the warm weather. White and cream shutters will keep your space feeling fresh and airy, while light and medium wood styles create a sense of natural freshness. Even the darkest shutters in our range are a great choice; a bold contrast to paler surroundings, they make a big statement of style and modernity.

Let the light in

Shutters can be adjusted with excellent precision, meaning you can welcome in as much natural light as possible whilst still maintaining the privacy provided by the frame and slats. And when pulled open, along with letting the sun spill in, shutters create a stylish frame from your windows.

Warming things up

Shutters are typically great insulators, however that shouldn’t dissuade you from opting for them when the weather’s warm. In fact, during the spring and summer months when homeowners use central heating less, it’s even more important to make the most of natural heat. Cool nights tend to follow warm days, so opt for shutters this spring to keep your home toasty all day long.

When the sun comes out, so do we!

There are more people outside when the weather warms up, so it’s important to consider the privacy factor of window dressings. With shutters, you can achieve 100% privacy, and even when slats are turned to allow light in, the angle ensures that views can be obscured. This is particularly important for those whose homes are overlooked, or houses on busy streets and estates. And if you’ve got a nosy neighbour or two, shutters are the perfect solution…

Safe and secure

It isn’t a particularly pleasant fact, but when the temperature rises, so do crime rates. The correlation between warm weather and break-ins is well known, so help make your home a more secure place by installing internal shutters. Providing additional coverage to windows and blocking views inside the home, they’re a great deterrent to potential burglars.

Strong but stylish

Here at Shutters Direct we ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest of qualities, meaning that your shutters have guaranteed durability and strength. For those with busy homes, shutters are a great alternative to blinds and curtains, as you needn’t worry about them being misused or damaged. What’s more, they’re remarkably easy to clean and maintain, so you can spend more time out in the sun!

Will you be treating yourself to shutters this spring? Be sure to let us know – you can tweet us @InteriorGoods or visit us on Facebook.

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  1. I love the shutter i got in my room from shutter direct best thing i done to the room added style to it very happy i got them for all my house from shutter direct .still waiting for them to be put on

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