5 ways to clean shutters


Here at Shutters Direct we’re all about the long term investment, and we want you to continue to love your shutters five years down the line. That’s why we’re offering some handy tips on keeping them looking their best. We know that cleaning window dressings can be a laborious job, especially when it comes to Romans and verticals. Luckily, shutters present a much easier task, and there are several simple options to achieve squeaky clean shutters in a matter of minutes…

1. Duster

A dusting cloth is the best way to achieve a thorough clean, but avoid using polish as it can break down finishes on the wood. Opt for a microfiber duster, which will effectively remove pesky particles without the need for cleaning fluids.

2. Vacuum

Many prefer to use the dusting brush attachment on their vacuum cleaner to blitz away dust. The soft brush means your blinds won’t get scratched, and it’s easy to give them a quick clean while vacuuming the rest of the room.

3. Feather duster

A quick flick of the feather duster will clean up blinds with minimal dust, and if you do this once weekly, you’ll avoid a big cleaning job. This is also the best option for outdoor blinds if you don’t have a handheld vacuum cleaner or a long enough extension cord.

4. Damp cloth

While plastic shutters are easy to wipe clean, you should be more careful with wooden blinds. Dampen a cloth, but be sure to wring it out so your shutters don’t absorb too much water as this can eventually warp them.

5. Toothbrush

For those hard-to-reach areas, there’s a very cheap and easy way to clean: with a toothbrush! This will clean away any tiny bits of debris and ensure that every inch of your wooden shutters is sparkling clean.

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