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Fitting Wooden Shutters

Wooden plantation shutters can make any room in your home look great but before buying and installing your new wooden shutters you should follow these steps:

  1. Before installing your wooden shutters, decide whether you want to use an inside mount (this will attach the shutters inside the window casing) or an outside mount (attaching the shutters outside the window casing)
  2. Add a wood shim on top of the windowsill to support the shutter during installation and ensure the proper placement of your shutters.
  3. Hold your shutters in your desired position and use a screw to mark holes.
  4. With your wooden shutters set aside and while wearing safety glasses, drill a pilot hole using a drill bit which is slightly smaller than the size of the screw you are using to fit the shutters.
  5. Re-position your shutters and use a drill to screw the shutters securely in place.
  6. After installing your first set of shutters, step back and look carefully to make sure they are fitting evenly and that everything is plumb (many windows are not plumb, which could leave shutters badly positioned.
  7. Stand back and admire your new wooden shutters.

Please note: the frames for our shutters will not come pre-drilled with screw holes. You can find information on how to drill the holes yourself within our easy to follow fitting guide.

Install Shutter Blinds Video

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