Shutters Direct Sure Fit
Shutters Direct Sure Fit
Shutters Direct Sure Fit

SureFit Guarantee

Our SureFit guarantee has been carefully designed to give you full confidence in your purchase. We will provide you with a replacement shutter, free of charge*, if yours has been measured incorrectly. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether your shutter will fit, instead you can focus on loving your home and your new shutters.


Why do you offer this guarantee?

We realise that, when purchasing a made to measure shutter, many people have anxious thoughts and may worry about getting the measurements wrong. We’re here to help you through the process and SureFit has been designed to put your mind at ease.

Which products are covered?

All our products (except clearance items) are covered under this promise.

How much does it cost?

This service costs £9.99. If the replacement product is more expensive than your original order, you will be charged the difference.

If the replacement is less expensive will I be credited the difference?

No, the difference will not be credited.

Can I change the design of my shutter?

The guarantee only covers size changes. You cannot change – louvre size/door configuration/style/recess type/midrails/hinge finish/tilt rod type/frame type/frame configuration.

How many times can I use the SureFit guarantee?

You may change the size once per item and on no more than 4 items in total.

What if my Items(s) have been shipped by air?

If your item has been shipped by air, then the £120 per square metre carriage charge will apply again unless you decide to opt for standard shipping at Estimated despatch 10 to 16 weeks for their replacement.

Why do items have to be returned in their original packaging?

The packaging has been designed specially to protect products in transit. You may not need full replacement – it is possible to make minor size amendments to original items.

When will you collect?

We use 3rd party carriers and who collect Monday to Friday and cannot specify a time. We are happy to collect from a neighbour but the driver has the right to refuse anything that is not securely packaged for transport.

How do I arrange collection and replacement?

Either telephone Customer Services on 01924 481 718 or email us using Contact Page and someone will call you as soon as possible.

How can you afford to offer this?

We spend a considerable amount of time on our measuring guides and instructions. Consequently mis-measuring is very rare. SureFit is offered to provide peace of mind and to take away any concerns about measurements you may have.

*Terms and Conditions

The Surefit guarantee covers incorrect measurements only and products will only be replaced with the same specification as per the original order with the exception of the relevant sizing issue.

If the new measurements are larger than the original measurements, you will be charged the difference in the price of the two items. If the new measurements are less than the original measurements the difference in price will not be refunded.

Should the new measurements be smaller than the original measurements, if we are able to, we will amend that item rather than manufacture a brand new item.

Should you activate the Surefit guarantee, the original order will need to be returned in the original packaging prior to delivery of your new order. Should this be damaged in any way, we reserve the right to cancel your Surefit guarantee and stop production of your replacement items. Should you have paid for the Surefit guarantee, no monies will be refunded.

Should you wish to activate the Surefit guarantee, you must notify us of the correct measurements within 10 working days of receipt of your original purchase.

The Surefit guarantee applies to all customers, however you must always pay the delivery charge applicable to your location.

We are only able to offer one remake per item / four per household. This service can only be used once, any subsequent orders will not be covered under the Surefit guarantee.

Should the item be out of stock at the time of placing your surefit order. We can either refund the amount paid for surefit or you would need to await for the stock to arrive in. We would not refund the original item.

We will use the price on the website, at the time of you placing your surefit order. We cannot honour any previous sale prices or offer any discount codes on this.