Why Choose Plantation Shutters

More adaptable then curtains and more versatile than blinds, Shutters come in a whole host of modern materials and super-chic colours that will not only make a feature of your windows but provide flexible sun protection too. Anyone can put basic blinds up, but if you have shutters fitted they add value to your home. Shutters become a part of your home as oppose to blinds hanging in the window.

Modern shutters have a much more stylish look than the commonly used blinds. You can style them to match your window layout, which blends them very easily with the overall appearance of your home. Unlike blinds, shutters have no cords, so they are incredibly child safe. If you have small children then Shutters are the best and safest choice.

Our Shutters are fully blackout. Many people buy blackout blinds expecting them to let no light in at all, but they do through the sides and edges of the blinds. Shutters block out the light completely, providing instant relief from unwanted light coming through the window. The beauty of Shutters is that they are completely flexible. Whether you live in a cosy cottage or a minimalist apartment we have shutters that fit.