*This guide has now been updated. We would like to suggest you use our new measuring guide for a more detailed explanation for measuring for your shutters.

Shutter Measuring Guide for Wooden Plantation Shutters

Thinking of ordering wooden plantation shutters, but are not sure how to measure for wooden window shutters? Don't worry, measuring for shutters is fairly straightforward.

Before you commence measuring your windows, ensure you measure all the windows which require plantation shutters. There may be very slight variations on the measurements of your windows, not visible to the naked eye, therefore it is imperative you measure every window that you are going to fit plantation shutters on.

How to Check for Inside (Recessed) or Outside (Non-Recessed) Installation

For an inside (recessed) installation you will require your window opening measurement to be square. By "square", we mean that the oposing corners need to be equidistant, not that all of the four sides of the window have to be the same length.

You will need to determine if your window is square by measuring from each corner diagonally across to the opposite corner. If the difference between the two measurements is larger than ½”, the outside (non-recessed) method is required for your plantation shutters.

Minimum Clearance Check for Plantation Shutters

As an inside installation requires a minimum clearance depth of 1 ½” from the back of the plantation shutter to the window or window hardware, ie lock, handle or trim, for the plantation shutter to operate properly. You should measure from the front of the window opening to the obstruction that sticks out the most, trim, lock, handle etc, to ensure you have enough clearance for an inside mount for your plantation shutters.

Deciding your Mounting Style for your Plantation Shutters

Inside Mount (Recessed) for Plantation Shutters

By placing your plantation shutters entirely within the window opening is considered an inside (recessed) mount. Your window opening must have a clearance depth of 1 ½” from the back of the shutter to the window or window hardware and must be square. Your window jambs must be at least 2 ¾” (not including hardware) for the plantation shutter to recess accurately.

Outside Mount (Non Recessed) for Plantation Shutters

By mounting plantation shutters directly on the wall around the window is considered an outside (non recessed) mount, and no trimming is required. The hanging strips are mounted directly on to the wall, or onto the wood, window trim/moulding if you desire, and the shutter position can be altered so that the plantation shutters align in the middle correctly.